About Us

What comes to mind when you hear the name "Seven1991"? What does it imply? It has nothing to do with the concept of a gift shop. It sounds strange? It's challenging to remind customers of my existence?

When I was working in Vietnam, my coworkers gave me the moniker "Seven." This nickname reminds me of a pleasant experience of working for my previous employer, as well as a pleasant working atmosphere. And don't you think 1991 is a balanced number?

As have others, I've faced numerous hurdles. I try to be balanced but sometimes I feel like I'm at the bottom, and other times I feel like I'm on top.  Isn't this just normal? But, not long ago, when I was at rock lowest, I made my website, opened my online business, and began to sew. I thought, how could I start from scratch here in Italy, when my work experience in Vietnam seemed to be useless? But, you know, when someone is at the bottom they can't be further down, they just have a direction: reaching toward the sky. I realized my ability as a result of my disillusionment.

I put all of my hope and care into my items, and I have a message for you: "Don't worry! Everything is going to be fine."